The PC-COMP image capture card provides expeditious transfers of standard color and monochrome video data to host PC memory. Image data, equiped with 1MB of high-speed dual ported linear mapped video memory running at 60MB/sec, is simultaneously acquired and sent to host PC memory. Capable of handling inputs from several automated imaging and machine vision applications, the PC-COMP, a half-slot PCI-bus card, works in conjunction with RS-170/CCIR, NTSC/PAL/S-VHS, and VCR video format outputs. Strobe and trigger are also supported.

PC-COMP can be configured as either a DMA bus master or slave. In bus master mode, special circuitry automatically deinterlaces the image on-the-fly. This allows data to utilize DMA a frame at a time, sustaining 60MB/sec transfer to the PCI-bus instead of the standard line FIFO method, greatly reducing CPU overhead for each transfer and freeing the host of unnecessary burdens - unlike other frame grabbers that constantly utilize and encumber the CPU. Additionally, AOI's (Areas of Interest) can be transferred at full speed out of memory without the need to write any special code. Display is done using the host VGA. Onboard Pixel Packing circuitry allows data to be sent in 4:2:2 format so Non Destructive Overlays can be created.

Key features

  • Half-size PCI-bus card moves images to the host PC in less than 8 ms, providing an additional 25 ms of free processing time
  • An onboard frame buffer (1 MB) and DMA bus master contribute to the industry's fastest sustained image transfer speed through the PCI-bus, eliminating unnecessary processor overhead
  • Multiple PC-COMP boards supported as bus masters on a single PCI-bus for multi-camera applications
  • Hardware circuitry automatically deinterlaces images during DMA process
  • Supports trigger input for "real world" applications and demanding cycle times
  • DMA of Areas of Interest (AOI's) minimizes transfer times
  • Outputs data as 4:2:2 for Non Destructive Overlays

Video Formats

  • Color-NTSC, PAL, S-VHS
  • Monochrome-RS-170, CCIR

ITEX Driver Level Library
PC-COMP is supported by the ITEX-IC software library providing maximum hardware control and performance. Software routines include:

  • Board configuration
  • Access frame and overlay memory as Pixels, Lines, and Areas
  • Setup acquisition control
  • Setup display control
  • Setup and draw overlay graphics

ITEX-IC, for PC-COMP, is supported under Win95/98 or WinNT 4.0/2000. ITEX-IC is designed to work within the industry's most popular software environments. Development using Microsoft® Visual C/C++ and the Microsoft development environment are fully supported.

High Level API Software
PC-COMP has a high-level software set to speed the development of complicated applications including:

  • "Ping-Pong" buffering
  • VCR mode
  • Large image acquisition
  • Image abstractions
  • Interrupt API

Datasheet: see PC-COMP pdf


Application Notes:
How to get started with the PC-Comp

Software supported:
Imaging Studio - Machine Vision Software Library
Sherlock / MVTools for monochrome processing

Cameras supported
See complete support list

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